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Undergraduate Linguistics Major

You can create a major in Linguistics through the Letters, Arts, and Sciences program in Liberal Arts.

If you are interested in pursuing a major in Linguistics, please contact Dr. John Lipski (

Undergraduate Linguistics Minor Requirements

Requirements for the minor: 18 credits

Prescribed Courses: 9 Credits

  • LING 001 (3) = Study of Language OR LING 100 (3) = Foundations of Linguistics
  • LING 402 (3) = Syntax I
  • LING 404 (3) = Phonology I


Additional Courses: 9 credits

Select 9 additional credits from LING offerings (for example courses, see below)
With the approval of the Director, certain linguistics courses from related departments may be counted towards the minor.

  • LING 401 - Introduction to Linguistic Theory (3 credits)

A survey of the principles of modern linguistic analysis; current approaches to phonology, morphology and syntax of human languages.

  • LING 429/PSYCH 426 - Language and Thought (3 credits)

Relations between language and cognition; cognitive implications of normal and impaired language development; cognition and bilingualism.

  • LING 446 - First Language Acquisition (3 credits)

How children learn their first language; psycholinguistic aspects of lexical, syntactic, semantic, and phonological development.

  • LING 447 - Bilingualism (3 credits)

Explores the social and psychological aspects of bilingualism; topics include languages in contact, transference, maintenance and loss.

  • LING 448 - Sociolinguistics (3 credits)

Issues in the study of language in its sociocultural context; analysis of social dialects and speech styles.

  • LING 449 - Semantics I (3 credits)

The study of meaning in human language; problems and methods of analysis in linguistic semantics; study of sense, reference, compositionality, quantification, presupposition, and sentence-level meaning.

  • LING 457/PSYCH 457 - Psychology of Language (3 credits)

Overview of psychological research and theory on language processes, including speech perception, word recognition, meaning representation, comprehension, and language acquisition.

  • LING 493 - Field Methods (3 credits)

Primary linguistic investigation of a language different from English; field work with a native speaker; data gathering; linguistic analysis.

  • LING 494 - Research Project (3 credits)

Supervised student activities on research projects identified on an individual or small-group basis.

or LING 496 - Independent Studies (3 credits)

Creative projects, including research and design, which are supervised on an individual basis and which fall outside the scope of formal courses.

  • Graduate courses at the 500 level may be taken by advanced undergraduates on the recommendation of an advisor.
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