Michael Putnam

Michael Putnam
417 Burrowes Building


Lab Affiliation: Kontaktdeutsch

The principal aim of the research conducted in our lab group is to explore varieties of German in multilingual speakers and communities across the lifespan. In addition to research on heritage variants of German (also commonly referred to as Sprachinseln), we also are interested in L1 attrition, natural L2 acquisition of German, as well as L2 attrition. Our research welcomes and engages in formal, functional, and experimental approaches to the linguistic analysis of bi- and multilingualism and, more specifically, German in contact with other languages and cultures.

Research Interests:

My research is interested in how the general architecture of cognition intersects with grammatical knowledge and performance biases. I research the structure (syntax & morphology) and meaning (semantics & pragmatics) of language and the intersection of these two units, with an empirical focus on Germanic languages past and present. I have a particular interest in bilingual and multilingual grammars, especially varieties of German throughout the world in contact situations with other languages.