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A Grad student works with a native to better understand their language

Ph.D. Options

The Linguistics program offers a Dual-Title Doctoral Degree in Language Science to graduate students enrolled in the doctoral programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders, German, Psychology, or Spanish. The goal of the Dual-Title training program is to train and prepare students from different disciplines to combine the theoretical and methodological approaches of several disciplines to conduct cross-disciplinary research in the rapidly growing area of Language Science.

Description of Required Language Science Courses

  1. Proseminars in Psycholinguistics (6 Credits)
    • LING 521 (3) = Proseminar in the Language Science of Bilingualism 
    • LING 522 (3) = Proseminar in Professional Issues in Language Science
  2. Research Methods in Language Science (3 Credits)
    • LING 525 (3) = Experimental Methods in Psycholinguistics OR
    • PSY 507 (3) = Analysis of Psychological Data I OR
    • PSY 508 (3) = Analysis of Psychological Data II
  3. Theoretical Linguistics (3 Credits)
    • LING 500 (3) = Syntax II OR
    • LING 504 (3) = Phonology II
  4. Cognitive Neuroscience or Psycholinguistics (3 Credits)
    • LING/PSY 520 (3) = Seminar in Psycholinguistics OR
    • PSY 511 (3) = Seminar in Contemporary Psychology 
  5. Research Internship (6 Credits), selected from the following courses:
    • CSD 596 (1-6 credits) = Independent Study
    • GER 596 (1-6 credits) = Independent Study
    • LING 596 (1-6 credits) = Independent Study
    • PSY 596 (1-6 credits) = Independent Study
    • SPAN 596 (1-6 credits) = Independent Study

The Center for Language Science (CLS) is an interdisciplinary working group of linguists, psycholinguists, applied linguists, and cognitive neuroscientists who share an interest in language acquisition and bilingualism. The CLS meets weekly to discuss research, read papers together, share new methodological developments, and practice giving conference talks. A particular interest is in developing collaborative research projects across the disciplines. You can check out the Center for Language Science’s weekly events to get involved!