Lauren Halberstadt


I am an Assistant Teaching Professor focused on teaching a variety of courses in Spanish and linguistics. I earned my dual-title Ph.D. in Spanish and Language Science from Penn State University. My research takes an interdisciplinary approach, investigating topics on bilingualism, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, and languages in contact. I am interested in experimental studies, corpora, and field work which have brought me to bilingual populations in New Mexico, Spain, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic. I received an M.A. in Spanish Linguistics and three B.A. degrees in Spanish, Italian, and Global and International Studies. In addition to my academic experience, I have taken on administrative responsibilities, including my role as Director of Engaged Scholarship for the department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. My mission is to develop transferable skills, expand professional opportunities, and enhance intercultural communication in our community. Whether at home or abroad, I aim to bring together students, faculty, and alumni across disciplines to connect and to develop our students into global leaders who will forge meaningful and diverse pathways.