Undergraduate Linguistics Minor Requirements

Requirements for the minor: 18 credits


Prescribed Courses: 9 Credits

  • LING 001 (3) = Study of Language OR LING 100 (3) = Foundations of Linguistics
  • LING 402 (3) = Syntax I
  • LING 404 (3) = Phonology I


Additional Courses: 9 credits

Select 9 additional credits from LING offerings (for example courses, see below)
With the approval of the Director, certain linguistics courses from related departments may be counted towards the minor.

  • LING 401 - Introduction to Linguistic Theory (3 credits)
    A survey of the principles of modern linguistic analysis; current approaches to phonology, morphology and syntax of human languages.
  • LING 405 - Historical Linguistics
      Looking at language from a historical and language change perspective.  Studying how languages
      are historically related to each other, and how we can learn about history in general through what we  
      know about ancient and modern languages.
  • LING 429/PSYCH 426 - Language and Thought (3 credits)
    Relations between language and cognition; cognitive implications of normal and impaired language development; cognition and bilingualism.
  • LING 446 - First Language Acquisition (3 credits)
    How children learn their first language; psycholinguistic aspects of lexical, syntactic, semantic, and phonological development.
  • LING 447 - Bilingualism (3 credits)
    Explores the social and psychological aspects of bilingualism; topics include languages in contact, transference, maintenance and loss.
  • LING 448 - Sociolinguistics (3 credits)
    Issues in the study of language in its sociocultural context; analysis of social dialects and speech styles.
  • LING 449 - Semantics I (3 credits)
    The study of meaning in human language; problems and methods of analysis in linguistic semantics; study of sense, reference, compositionality, quantification, presupposition, and sentence-level meaning.
  • LING 457/PSYCH 457 - Psychology of Language (3 credits)
    Overview of psychological research and theory on language processes, including speech perception, word recognition, meaning representation, comprehension, and language acquisition.
  • LING 493 - Field Methods (3 credits)
    Primary linguistic investigation of a language different from English; field work with a native speaker; data gathering; linguistic analysis.
  • LING 494 - Research Project (3 credits)
    Supervised student activities on research projects identified on an individual or small-group basis.
    or LING 496 - Independent Studies (3 credits)
    Creative projects, including research and design, which are supervised on an individual basis and which fall outside the scope of formal courses.
  • Graduate courses at the 500 level may be taken by advanced undergraduates on the recommendation of an advisor.